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Dance Floor USA – Dance like a star on real hardwood!

Our hardwood floors are especially designed for today’s competitive dance studio. With a thick, durable wear surface, semi-portability, solid construction and flexibility, our floors will quickly become one of your studios most important assets.

The DR1 Dance Floor has 4 huge advantages:

Dance Floor USA Advantage1It is semi-portable/removable. When your lease is up, take the floor with you. We spent $10,000 on our first floor and had to leave it behind for the next guy! Your studio will save thousands with this feature alone, you won’t help your competitors, and you will be increasing your business’ value.


Dance Floor USA Advantage2It is 100% hardwood. This flooring is manufactured from 7/8″ solid hardwood, no veneers or soft center fillers are ever used. The floor boards contain two parallel strips bonded together by an industry exclusive dovetail joining process.
Dance Floor USA Advantage3Your floor’s greatest asset is the thickness of its wear surface. This directly relates to how many times your floor can be sanded and refinished to look like new. This floor offers one of the thickest wear surface available, it has a satin urethane finish perfect for dancing. Your floor can be professionally refinished at least seven times; meaning even if you resurface every 7 years, it will last more than 49 years! You will be retired by then!
Dance Floor USA Advantage4It is fully floating! You can actually see it flex as you dance, cushioning each step. Save your student’s (and your) knees, feet, and back! With the special underlayment and clip system you will love your new, cushioned surface. It’s also a selling point with your older students.