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About Us

About UsDance Floor USA was founded by dance studio owners, just like you. In 2003 we were relocating our ballroom studio. We hated to leave behind a permanent hardwood floor. The floor had been installed at our expense & $11,000. was a lot of expense when we first opened! When we began searching for a new location, we began searching for the best dance floor available. After a great deal of research, we found the perfect flooring solution.


The only catch was that none knew the company name! Several calls to a professional in Germany lead us in the right direction. We found the manufacturer, made a few calls, & ordered our floor. We called again with the idea of selling this perfect dance floor. The manufacturer agreed with a few covenants.


1. We do not use their name in any advertising.
2. We could only sell to a certain chain of studios.


Eventually the second covenant was removed, but the first was & is in place at their request. We equate it with the Nike warehouse not wanting attention from thousands of people wanting a single pair of shoes!


Gratefully, we have been selling & installing floors all across the United States since 2003. From Detroit to Boca Raton, and from New York City to Orange County. Our list of dance floors includes private homes of dedicated dancers & studios for Dancing With The Stars professionals Jesse Desoto & Fabian Sanchez.


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